About Us

Ghudu is a Community tourism project based in Dhofar, South of Oman,
under the Umbrella of HUN’na.
The word meaning “Lets go” in the local Shehri language was chosen to honor the people and the culture of Dhofar.
Ghudu offers visitors from around the world unique experiences to see the true beauty of Dhofar in all its seasons within the year.

Faces of Ghudu

Jaber Al Jahfali
Jaber is from the West of Dhofar where he spends most of his time in the mountains, caves, wadis, and exploring the forests of Dhofar. He enjoys being around wildlife, running, and shooting
Mohammed Al Jahfali
Mohammed comes from the West of Dhofar where he spends most of his time in nature and around the wildlife in Dhofar. He also volunteers in the environmental campaigns in Dhofar during his free time
Khairzad Jamaan Mahoud is an Omani adventurer, who is also a mother & a nurse from the Governorate of Dhofar.

She began her journey towards adventures in 2019, and founded the first women’s hiking group in Dhofar. The team now consists of 50 women of all age groups, including mothers, grandmothers, and young women, from different regions of the Dhofar Governorate.


Sustainable Dhofar

The aim for the Ghudu project is to create an all-inclusive experience that is sustainable where every detail considered is sourced from Dhofar.

Starting with the experiences provided by the locals from the area, the food served will be sourced locally to support women and local businesses, products used do not harm the environment and a percentage of our profits are given back to support our guides, environmental conservation, and local societies in Dhofar.


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Unique Experiences

Ghudu Weekend Package

You can now customize a full weekend with Ghudu which will offer a variety of experience in accordance with the suitable season in Dhofar, to find out more please email us at: Hunna.om@gmail.com